Clock Vault App For Hide Photos & Video, App Hider

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Clock Vault App Play Store Install Details:

App Size19MB
RoleVault App
Nowadays Installs10K+
Released onNov 4, 2022
Offered ByETechnozer Solutionlum

Looking for a secure way to hide Apps to protect your sensitive information even when you’re on the go? Welcome to Clock Vault & Photo Hider for Hide Photos, hide Videos and Hide Apps from prying eyes.

This Gallery Vault & App Hider is the best hide app for hiding photos & Videos with Sensitive Information on Google Play, especially for Emails, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger.

Ready to protect your Personal Information with Hidden Photo Vault, App Hider & Photo Hider?

Your search ends here. Clock Vault App Hider can help you to hide any of your apps and keep your privacy safe by hiding app & Hide Photos and Videos in the Clock Vault App Hider 2023.

You can open hidden apps in the clock Vault or the interface of your phone. Clock Vault provides a hidden App & Gallery Vault formula function, you can put your pictures into the gallery vault, and others can not see these hidden photos & hide videos, and Personal Files.

Moreover, you can use Gallery Vault to hide Apps that are installed on your phone using this Clock vault. You can also use this Gallery Vault app hider to hide Photos & hide videos with Password protection or a pattern lock app.

This Clock Vault hidden app & Gallery Vault can be used in the Separate hidden photo Vault to store files, photos, videos & Private Contacts in the safe place inside of the Gallery Vault to hide pictures or for hide Photos & hide Videos.

More Details for Clock Vault App

PublishedGoogle Play Store
Official Website
Contact[email protected]
Application Policy
AddressShantiniketan Flora, Abrama Road, Surat.

Highlight Features:

Hide Apps: Using Clock Vault’s Hide Apps Feature you can take Control of your Privacy from prying eyes. Import App into App Hider which you want to hide from others.

Hide Photos & Videos: Clock Vault Photo Hider will keep private media files, they won’t be visible in other photo albums, galleries, or file managers. Your private Photos, videos, and movies should be kept in a hidden photo vault.

Album Cover: You can set your preferred album cover inside your hidden photo vault. The picture view screen choices also allow you to change the album cover.

Private Browser: Protect your browsing data using Clock Vault’s in-built private browser. This Private Browser can provide you secret and anonymous browsing experience with this App hider.

Recover Lost Data: Restore your important files, photos, videos, Contacts, and documents effortlessly with Clock Vault Hidden App 2023.

Lock Personal Contacts: Protect your Personal Connections Contact details from Unauthorized access with Clock Vault hide apps 2023.

How to Set Your Password?

Step 1: Download Clock Vault hidden vault app and the clock hands will be moved at 00:00 position for setup.
Step 2: Move the hour or minute clock hand to set a desired time password and press the middle button of the clock.
Step 3: Now repeat the same password and press the center button of the clock to confirm.

How to unlock the Hide apps?

Step 1: Press the Center button of the clock. Hands will be moved to the 00:00 positions.
Step 2: Move the clock hour and minute hands manually to your password position and press the Center button. Now you can hide Photos, hide videos & hide Apps with Hidden Photo Vault.

clock vault app


Clock Vault – Hide Photos & Hide Videos Vault App does not copy or store your photos and videos. Your privacy is important to us!

We continuously focus on Privacy Protection, and we are dedicated to providing the most advanced App Hider and Photo Hider Gallery Vault to keep your privacy safe!

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