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Introducing Audio Manager, your trusted companion for securing multimedia effortlessly. With Audio Manager, you’re in complete control of shielding your audio, video, and photo files seamlessly.

App Size23MB
Rolevault app
Nowadays Installs10K+
Released onAug 18, 2023
Offered ByJk Surajpuriya

Key Features:

Effortless Access: Set up your personalized access code with a simple long-press on the Audio Manager icon. Enjoy easy access to your content, on your terms.

Enhanced Audio Manager Lock: Bolster your security with an exclusive pin lock, ensuring that only you have the key to unlock the audio, video, and photo treasures concealed within Audio Manager.

Private Multimedia Sanctuary: Revel in a secure haven where your audio, video, and photo files stay hidden from prying eyes, protected by the Audio Manager’s watchful care.

Covert Stealth Mode: Heighten your privacy with Audio Manager’s stealth mode. Carry out your actions discreetly with an app that remains hidden.

Intuitive Interface: Manage your hidden gems effortlessly with Audio Manager’s user-friendly design. No technical expertise is required!

Empower your multimedia’s security with Audio Manager. Download now and experience a new level of control over your files, all for free.

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