We share text messages on many social media sites, which include a list of diverse messages that include our office-based messages, messages that we share with our friends

But sometimes we are forced to send a few messages in a timely manner, but that message may need to be continued

If I forget that work will stop, it is very important that we send the message, in this case if you register the stepmother in advance and put the message

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It will reach the specific person in time, some discussions about this and help will be available on our web stories

Nowadays more and more information is being shared through social media, for example the boss will be forced to remind someone of an office-based task on a daily basis,

When he or she will need to be reminded of that message every day on WhatsApp, and in such a situation if he or she forgets to remind you one day, that job will stop. Chances are, that boss will be fully responsible for that

We all forget about everyday event in some family situation and awkward situation, but how much benefit would we get if we fit this into the automatic timing message,

Yes if we pre-book all the messages we need to send everyday and set the time everyday that message will automatically reach that particular person The work will go smoothly and we will not get any bad name

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