There are several text-to-speech (TTS) apps available for different platforms, including desktop and mobile devices. Here are a few popular options:

Windows: is a free TTS software for Windows that can convert text into speech. It supports multiple TTS engines and allows you to customize various settings such as voice, pitch, speed, and more.

NaturalReader (Windows, macOS, Web): NaturalReader is a TTS software available for Windows, macOS, and as a web application.

It offers a user-friendly interface and a range of voices to choose from. You can paste or import text, and NaturalReader will convert it into speech.

Text To Speech

Google Text-to-Speech is a built-in feature on most Android devices. It provides high-quality TTS capabilities and supports multiple languages and voices.

Google Text-to-Speech

You can enable and configure it in the system settings of your Android device.

Speech To Text App

iOS, Android: Voice Dream Reader is a popular TTS app available for both iOS and Android. It offers a wide range of features

Voice Dream Reader

Including text-to-speech, dyslexia-friendly fonts, highlighting, and support for various file formats like PDF, Word, and more.

Speech to Word AI

Read Aloud is a TTS extension for the Google Chrome browser. It can read web pages, PDFs, and e-books aloud with multiple voice options

Read Aloud

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