If you're looking for a duplicate file remover app, there are several options available for different operating systems. Here are a few popular ones:

Duplicate File App

It scans your system for duplicate files based on various criteria such as file content, file name, file size, etc.

Duplicate Cleaner

Gemini 2 is a powerful duplicate file finder and remover designed for macOS. It uses advanced algorithms to scan your Mac for duplicate files, even if they have different names.

Gemini 2 (Mac)

CCleaner is a popular system optimization tool that also includes a duplicate file finder feature. It scans your computer for duplicate files

CCleaner (Windows, Mac

Duplicate File Finder is an Android app that helps you find and remove duplicate files on your mobile device

Duplicate File Finder

It scans your internal storage and SD card for duplicate files and allows you to delete them to free up storage space.

Android Duplicate File

Advanced Image Similarity Analyzer App

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