When sharing photos through social media sites, if we want to see no one but the person we want to see, we should put a separate lock on it.

That means that the person can open and see the photo only if the password is told to the person.

The reason for doing this is that more and more people are exchanging photos, videos, documents, etc. through social media sites rather than talking face-to-face.

When you share it one-on-one, there is a chance that someone other than the intended person will see it.

For example, even with the photos and videos that you may receive

There is a chance that someone else can take your phone and see it in your absence, thereby compromising your privacy.

To avoid this issue, we are going to look at an application that can help you convert all your photos (Image to PDF Converter) in dimensions.

Note: This application is selected and recommended for you by Google Play Store. It has information collected from there, photos, download option below.

Pdf App Image Lock

Not only this application but also all the applications we recommend you can download from the official website of Google Play Store.

Share Image with Lock

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