Nokia style in your phone with Nokia 5300 Launcher using Nokia Slide Up Launcher App: The user interface of the old Nokia 5300

The great launcher brings the unforgettable Nokia look to your smartphone with a T9 keypad and Nokia-style Home Screen.

Nokia 5300 Theme: bring Nokia Launcher home screen style back to your smartphone, a launcher app with the Nokia style of the past, which almost everyone has experienced before.

T9 Nokia 5300 keypad in your Home Screen: Nokia style keyboard - direct dialing with T9 keypad, save number Nokia style.

Nokia Home Screen style: re-feel the user interface of the old Nokia.

Hotkey navigation: Top = Flashlight, Right = Camera, Bottom = Contacts, Left = Message.

Nokia Launcher 2022: Setting screen with many options such as wallpaper, phone name, and Nokia theme for android.

Long press End Call to switch your Default launcher.

Old Nokia Launcher

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Nokia Slide-Up

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