Nokia launcher

Nokia Launcher is a popular home screen replacement app that allows you to bring back the classic Nokia style to your smartphone.

old launcher app

With this app, you can enjoy the nostalgia of using a Nokia phone with modern touchscreen capabilities.

xpress nokia app

The Nokia Launcher features a vintage Nokia theme that brings back the familiar look and feel of the classic Nokia home screen.

keybord nokia

It also includes the hard keys that were a staple of the old Nokia phones, making it easier to dial numbers and access the app drawer.

Play store app

In addition to the classic look and feel, the Nokia Launcher also includes a web browser that allows you to surf the internet in the vintage Nokia style.

The app also features an old square camera style, making it unique and fun to use.

android to nokia

Furthermore, the Nokia Launcher allows you to switch back to your default launcher with a long press of the End Call button.

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