Mobile Dial Vault

Protect sensitive data with a secure vault app.

By  M Raj             July 23/07/2023

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Dial Vault App

This App available on Play Store is designed as a sophisticated mobile application.


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Available Benefits

Dial Vault App provides secure and confidential storage for sensitive information.


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Employs a unique

This app has a unique interface, allowing users to set custom PINs and patterns as their access code.


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Virtual vault App

It acts as a safeguard against various types of data, such as private notes, passwords, documents, photos, and more.


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Privacy & Security

Users can protect their personal confidential information from unauthorized access, ensuring privacy & security.


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Safe deposit box

It is a great vault to protect information that you don't want to share with anyone.


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Doesn't stand a chance

Now feel free to give your phone to everyone, no one will get a chance to see your secret photos.


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Play Store App

Google Play Store is the best application. So feel free to use it, play store cares about our information.


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