know the complete information of those who want to take and unlock your mobile without your permission.

Who Tried to unlock my Phone?

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1 Stop when entering wrong password more than four times (1,4 failed attempts) and get a chance to know them.

Unlock attempts limit

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wrong password: Enable/Disable vibration phone on entering the wrong password.

Vibration on the wrong password

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Flash incorrect password: Enable/Disable the flashlight on the wrong password

Flash on wrong password

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You can select a folder to safeguard your intruder photo capture. Activate the functionality of the app.

Set Email

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Want to know who uses your phone? Want to add intruder alarms for phone security?

Who tried to unlock my phone?

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You don't need to keep an eye on your phone to find who is trying to unlock your phone and safeguard it against intruders

Best Anti Theft 2023

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Find out who is trying to unlock my phone and capture photos of the wrong pattern to unlock my phone.

Who touched my phone?

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Successful and unsuccessful enable/disable unlock attempts monitoring

Unlock attempts monitoring

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