When we share many messages through social media platforms as text message

Chat Lock App2023

We have the idea that except for the person we are thinking about, his family and relatives should not see or read the place.

SMS Locker App 2023

We think that no one else should take our mobile to see or read the news of our friends or relations that we can share.

2023 Chat Lock App

Apart from that, the Important Chat locker application that you are going to see in this article is found through the Google Play Store.

Play Store Lock App

see clearly and keep the text messages shared on your social media sites securely locked

Android Chat Lock

This is an Important Chat locker Private Chat Lock App that adds a password to all your messaging, SMS, and chat apps on your device.

TnShorts Chat Lock

It does this by simply adding a 4 Digi Pin to enter any of your messaging and chat lock apps

WhatsApp Lock 2023

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Bottom Plus Touch Bar 2023

Home bar app