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There are many different languages ​​in mobile, even though English is used more and more, but we try hard to know it in native language,

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even if we know the meaning of some options we use in mobile, we face more problems in the messages that others send us.

That is to say, there may be difficulties in adapting and studying in our mother tongue, which may be a major drawback, to avoid this this web stories is provided to you.

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People all over the world speak tens of thousands of languages, but English is the most widely spoken language, and English is the primary language in the electronic products we use.

However, there are opportunities to change it to our native language, but if the information shared with us is mostly shared in English, there is an opportunity to change it to your native language on this storie..

Often, there are multiple translation methods for changing the language, but when a message arrives on a mobile display

it’s absolutely great to be able to change it on the spot, i.e. change it on the spot on that display, and save time.

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