Even when the mobile is locked with various methods, sometimes it is easily guessed and unlocked

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The mobile that can carry all our information is our greatest treasure, if someone takes possession of our mobile, it means that he has taken all our information into his possession.

So you have to manipulate the mobile to the point of not being able to find it at all, this web stories is to provide you with that kind of an opportunity

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Screen Clock Live Time Password Lock Screen

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Your mobile phone has a variety of locking features that you can use to lock your mobile phone, but the Live Time Password Lock Screen application you want to see in this web stories is an opportunity to lock your mobile phone according to the clock time of your mobile phone.

With this application, the password of your mobile phone will change every minute and will not be detected by others, for example, your mobile will now have a time and minute that will appear

but your password will change after a minute or so on the minute of your mobile, that is, the password in the presence of others. Once again they will fail if they try it.

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Live Time Password Lock Screen




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