Everyone will be interested in using a mobile phone that can be bought with more money, but not everyone can, and at some point


we may even want to transform our ordinary mobile phone into an Apple iPhone,

for which we will try to change the look of the back of the mobile phone like an Apple iPhone using various stickers, but in this

we Given the size highlight, we can not change the settings and display option on the inside of the mobile

For example, all mobile users will see a variety of shortcuts on their mobile phones, including a small menu

instant usability for fitting there, and the usual methods to see, but this can be changed to your mobile phone just like the shortcuts that can be on your mobile phone

Use IPhone Launcher IOS App 15


The application is taken from the official play store website, so it will be a great application that will give you a better experience

More than 50 million people are using it, so you know that it is a great application

Nevertheless, we have collected all the relevant information and given below, read it clearly and download and use it at your own discretion

But the way this application works will be completely different, it will change the whole look of your mobile

giving it an iPhone-like appearance when each option is opened, and others will be amazed.

Launcher iOS 15

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