As always, if we are using the phone normally, many of the options available in it will not give us any pleasant experience.

Every now and then the novelty of the mobile remains unchanged while making some changes to the mobile and bringing beautiful things.

That means we don’t get the impression that we are using an old mobile phone, and if you are also interested in this matter then no doubt this place is made for you.

Need A Change In Mobile Every Now And Then?

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Although mobile is a thing that everyone uses nowadays, no one can deny that it is a thing that everyone needs, so much so that man needs a mobile.

At the same time, there are many types of mobiles such as low cost mobiles, high cost mobiles, we can even spend lakhs of money to buy mobiles.

Letters Launcher

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However, if the phone has the same options, we won’t get a new experience in our minds after a few months or years.

So, if we keep changing things like letters, menu icons etc. from time to time we will feel as if we have switched to a new phone. We don’t get an experience that we are using an old phone in this case.

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Sometimes people are surprised to see our mobile, because when some unique things appear on our mobile, everyone gets such an experience.

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