App Hider allow you to hide applications in hidden space wiht calculator password protection. App Hider provides you with a privacy space for hiding private apps.

App Hider help you creat a copy of system apps, then you can hide the app copy, which is a better way to protect the hidden apps

App Hider also allow you to keep the system app and the app copy, so you can log in to 2 accounts at the same time on your phone.

Hide Apps is a hide-apps application for hiding app icon from screen without root

◆ This hidden program is based on a parallel space behind the fake calculator. ◆ Clone dual app messengers and hide the cloned one. ◆ Hidden space for second accounts

You can keep double apps on your phone, or uninstall the system app to hide completely.

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Hidden applications are hidden in the calculator, they are cloned applications. Because, since Android 6.0, no one can hide the icon, you can only hide the application by cloning.

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