There are a number of applications that we need to take care of when using a variety of applications on mobile

for example, there are a variety of applications that can be used privately, from applications that can be kept secret to money transfer applications to secretly sharing applications within relationships

App Pattern Lock With Intruder Alarm


In this case, we are going to look at the App Pattern Lock application that can help you in this regard

it is worth noting that this application can clearly hide all the applications on your mobile. Come and see the benefits of using the App Pattern Lock App.

Mobile means that it includes applications, otherwise it will not be a pleasure to use ours, there will be many Android applications on Android mobile

Not only that, we will install the applications we need and handle some tricks so that no one other than ourselves sees the set of applications that are like that. One such thing is to hide the application

Protect your privacy by blocking applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Photos or any application that you consider private.

Select the type of security you prefer: Block Pattern or Pin, give it the required access and you will have the privacy you need in your Androids.

AppLock With Intruder alarm

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